Saturday, October 23, 2010

'Complementary Contrast' opens this week!

The work in this show is about complementary contrast, between Joshua Primmer's work and that of Katie Richardson's. "We make diverse forms through very different approaches, yet the works seem to formally complement each other and start a conversation," states Richardson. She continues: "The show is so named also for the binary elements in each of our individual work. For me, the material contrast is the combination of glass and metal. Glass is seen as a delicate, beautiful, fragile material, while steel is associated with structure, rigidity, and strength. These materials complement each other and create a delicate balance while the forms defy the traditional characteristics associated with the materials...The thematic contrast in my work is safety/ danger, fear/ comfort, belonging / exclusion"

Primmer adds: "The elements that I contrast in my work are surface and form. This is an abstraction of the relationship between medium and process and the relationship between nature and man/technology. Medium and nature are represented by surface and process and man/technology are represented by form."

Hope you get a chance to see it! I know it's far away for those of you down here in the valley, but a trip up to North Adams at this time of the year is gorgeous, so its a good excuse. Take a drive, see some art, go hiking among the fall colors and enjoy!

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