Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring News

Our new barn in need of a paint job.

Well, the new energy of spring has sprung, and despite the cold and rain, I'm diving into new projects in all directions. My partner and I just bought a home and will be moving his farm- Stone Soup Farm- and my studios to our new place over the coming months. Both the house and barn require much of our energy as we work on renovations, but by next summer we should be all settled with our freshly painted signs welcoming you to our art studio and farm in Hadley. Coming up in June, we'll be hosting a Beer Tasting Fundraiser event to help us get things going, and the first thing we need is COMPOST! Tons of it! I'll let you know the details shortly.

Get Up Get Down mural design

The second big project I'm working on is with my youth program, Get Up Get Down. A group of fabulous Amherst youth have designed a mural which has been approved to be installed on a wall in the center of town, at the Cinema parking lot for those of you who know Amherst. We've worked hard to create a mural design that incorporates lots of ideas from each of the youth that they'd like visible in their community. Now we are cutting panels, priming, designing metal elements, and looking forward to the unveiling on June 2nd at the Amherst Art Walk. This will be in conjunction with a Youth Action Coalition exhibit in the Burnett Gallery at the library across the street. We're planning an open community paint day for May 19th, so you can come talk to the youth and join in the fun!

Glass knobs on glassware cabinet

Finally, I've continued to make my usual creations, but I've also taken on some custom projects this winter. I recently finished making a set of glass knobs and blacksmithed drawer pulls for an entire kitchen, which was quite an undertaking. This project required 14 drawer pulls, individually formed of steel, and about 70 glass pieces that were each mounted to hardware. I also made a custom lamp shade frame, and a glass vase urn for someone's loved one. Keep me in mind if you are thinking about redoing a kitchen or bathroom, or have some other custom projects that I could help you realize. I also have a new website up and running at

By the next time I write, I'm sure the weather will be beautiful and you'll be excited to come out to the spring shows to stretch your legs :)

P.S. Remember Artisans of WMASS when you need a birthday present, mother's day gift, etc. Many of those things that you can buy from manufacturers all over the world are also hand made by your neighbors!