Friday, October 12, 2012

Roses and Cabarets

This weekend, I'm headed to Roseland Cottage Fine Arts and Crafts Festival for the first time, in Woodstock, CT. This show, hosted by Historic New England, is renowned level of quality and many years running. This two- day event features 175 artisans and their wares- jewelry, woodworking, pottery, glass, and more. I'll be there with a booth full of metal sculptures, old and new, for viewers and you to see. I'm particularly excited about my newest woodrack, and I've been working hard in the studio all week to make more favorites and new experiments. Come on down if you have the time, for what promises to be a really great show, and enjoy the beauty of fall in this beautiful corner of the northeast.   Also check out their facebook page here. 

If you can't make it to Connecticut but want a completely different kind of fall treat this weekend, I suggest a trip to theRoyal Frog Ballet's Surrealist Cabaret and Pumpkin Walk.  I couldn't explain it as wonderfully and mysteriously as the royal froggie herself, so read on for the details. I've contributed a few bits of metal to the enchanted fiasco, and I promise you'll be bemused and delighted. 

Please join us for a walk throguh a gorgeous farm landscape at autmnal sunset this October. If you're lucky, (and you come on the right night) you may chance to encounter a surreal collection of short performances, installation pieces, jack'o'lanterns and roving character created by local artists in various meis, exploring and celebrating themes of season and place. 
Magical, luminscent, and spooky, The Surrealist Cabaret and Pumpkin Walk is a buffet for the dream senses; a performance installation that draws on images familiar and ethereal, haunting and campy. With the wind full of the breath of apples, wood-smoke, the smell of fields turned under for the winter rye, violins will bellow among the cows, sequined show tunes will follow dirty and divine offerings to the dead, poets will mutter to the stones as sculptures and flags unfurls from the undergrowth. This is an evening not be be missed.