Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Update and Events

It's been way too long since I shared news from Katie Ray Arts and Blue Barn Studio- can't believe its May already!

Most importantly, I'm excited to announce that Valley Creates is returning this season with events at three different locations. The first event is coming up this weekend, Saturday, May 21 in Munson! Come join us- Heather Beck Designs, 230am Studio, Lou's Upcycles and Blue Barn Studio- to learn and create your own projects. I'll be melting glass with you, and I guarantee that will be fun!  Register now by heading to!  We hope to see you in Munson this weekend, or in Hadley in June, when I'll be hosting in my blue barn.   The Hadley event will also feature two new makers- Audrey Hyvonen of Big Top Quilts, and Amber Ladley of Happily Upcycled!

In other news,  I had a great time participating in the Take A Seat auction at UMASS Fine Arts Center in January. The idea of this exhibit was that each artist was invited to modify a chair in any way they choose; it was a fabulous exhibit showcasing the creativity and talent of Western MA artists, in support of a great cause.  I had a lot of fun making mine, allowing my old habits of nest building to integrate with new ideas in a very intuitive way. Here are a few images of my crazy creation before it left for it's new home.  

In January, I also shared new sculptural work at my MFA residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Conceptually, the installation was a sort of speculative biology lab in which alternate organs are being grown for possible use as transplants or body alterations.  The organs- made of steel, glass, latex, paper, and wax- exist within a connected structure that is almost an ecosystem; the forms are situated in relation to each other and the connective plastic tubing is their life support system.  I've been thinking about bioethics, embodiment and medical technology, and I'll continue exploring these themes as I complete my graduate exhibition for July.

Finally, Blue Barn Studio has an active etsy shop now in addition to the website. All my fine craft work can be found there, while will continue as my website for sculpture and installation work (though its in desperate need of updating!). Check out the Blue Barn Studio etsy shop, and use coupon code NEWSHOP for 20% off orders through June 30!