Monday, November 2, 2015

November News- HAVEN Art Exhibit, Welding Class and Studio Sale

Happy fall! Hope you are enjoying the last bits of brilliant color.  

I'm working hard preparing for my upcoming show, HAVEN, at Western New England University.  I'll be showing a variety of recent sculptural work, including a brand new 30 ft. wall piece made especially for this particular gallery's curved wall.  This piece explores a really different avenue for me- in form, material, and color- and I'm excited to see what you think! Here's a sneak peak of the work in progress.

What is HAVEN?

Donna Beck, Beryl Salinger-Schmitt, and Katie Richardson, working across very diverse mediums, have found a commonality at the heart of their work in themes that often express concepts of haven, however simple or complex, vulnerable or strong, solitary or communal. This exhibition explores the idea of HAVEN, with the suggestion that place-making and space-making are rooted in a primal instinct to provide shelter and sanctuary in order to nurture.

On Black Friday, I'm hosting a studio sale so that you can get great handmade gifts for the holidays and I can clean out my inventory!  From small glass treasures to large steel wall sculpture, everything will be on sale.  Stop by to enjoy a snack and a drink, check out my flameworking and welding studios, and shop for beautiful handmade gifts at your leisure.  


Oh yeah- did you notice the new logo?! It's been a long time coming. I'll still be using my name and website at for my sculpture and installation work, but Blue Barn Studios is the home of my fine craft work. There's a new website and etsy store in the works. The website isn't completely finished yet, but you can take a look anyway. Thanks to Scout Cuomo for all her awesome work on the website. 

Want to make your own art and housewares out of steel? Join my upcoming welding class! If you're interested, but this doesn't work for your schedule, let me know and we can organize a future class at a time that works for you. 

As always, you can find my work in various local shops and galleries this season. Check my website listing here.  I'll also be featured in this year's Hilltown Christmas Place at Paul's Sugarhouse and Snowfarm Seconds Sale- both great venues in Williamsburg for shopping handmade.